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teleCAT can setup and secure appointments for seminars, events, and corporate information days. teleCAT documents each interaction with each potential attendee in an appropriate database. The collected information is provided in a proprietary report and is also an invaluable source of feedback that can be used to change, or improve future seminar events. From qualifying and inviting prospective attendees to confirming their attendance, teleCAT can drive and ensure your event or seminar is well attended by highly qualified prospects and decision makers. The collected information is provided in a proprietary report and is also an invaluable source of feedback that can be used to better understand and improve future seminar offerings.

Step 1

Needs Analysis

teleCAT will analyze your current seminars or events and prioritize a set of action steps that will have the greatest impact on your results.

Action Plan

teleCAT will then organize these action steps into a clearly defined set of deliverables that will serve as a blueprint for a successful seminar attendance.

Step 2

Define your value proposition

teleCAT will help your company determine the value proposition of your services, and develop methods of communicating this value in terms prospective attendees will understand. teleCAT's approach to seminar attendance will provide your attendees with a better understanding of your company’s unique products or services.

Target Market Identification / List Acquisition

teleCAT will identify and test your target market, including sourcing and development of appropriate contact lists. teleCAT can also help you source the most up-to-date, detailed, and accurate lists available.

Step 3

Scripting your message

teleCAT will help you script a message that will have maximum impact on your prospective attendees. Scripting will include telephone and email script content, and effective benefit statements.

Sales Materials

teleCAT will create a set of dynamic marketing materials that deliver an effective and consistent message to your attendees inviting them to the seminar as well as providing follow up emails to confirm their attendance.

Step 4

Outbound Marketing Activities

teleCAT will provide your company with proactive, outbound seminar attendance fulfillment that will maximize the number of qualified attendees coming to your seminars or events. This step involves making contact with individuals and companies from targeted databases, contacting the appropriate "decision maker" in each company, delivering your value proposition, and booking the appropriate time and date for the seminar.

Outbound Attendee Tracking

teleCAT will provide essential information on each attendee to your sales team. This information will allow your sales team to contact and follow up with the attendees after the seminar. Qualified attendees will include companies that have the financial capabilities, a strong interest in your products or services, and the decision-maker (s) of the company.

Step 5

Detailed Analysis Report

teleCAT will review and extrapolate the calling results, prepare documentation for the entire program, and provide all materials and learning for future training purposes.

Detailed Recommendations Report

teleCAT will provide you with a set of qualitative recommendations the seminar that will maximize your overall results. The recommendations report includes our recommendations on ways to maximize the results for future programs based on actual facts. This report will allow you to reevaluate your current situation, and use the information that we have found to help your company generate more revenue.



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