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The Reseller Acquisition Program is focused primarily on qualifying consultants and existing resellers / software resellers as strong candidates for selling and supporting the clientís product line. The resellers should be knowledgeable in business software solutions and have selling experience. A complete set of qualifications will be determined in coordination with the client. Our objective is to drive high quality resellers and generate high levels of interest for the client product and reseller program.

Step 1

teleCAT will provide a need analysis to analyze your current prospecting and sales process and prioritize a set of action steps that will have the greatest impact on your results. After analyzing your needs, we will then organize these action steps into a clearly defined set of deliverables that will serve as a blueprint for a successful acquisition of resellers.

Step 2

1. Identify targeted lists of resellers to approach.
2. Prepare qualification metrics for resellers.
3. Prepare value proposition for the reseller program to effectively attract qualified resellers.
4. Provide outbound calling to list and generate qualified interested resellers for final approval.

Step 3

Effective communication is necessary to keep your resellers informed about the latest offerings, programs, and status as a valued reseller. Resellerís sales success is based on their comfort and confidence level with your sales materials and process. We provide sales materials and training methodology that keeps the resellers confident and selling successfully.

Step 4

The primary goals of the initial sales and marketing campaign are:

- Generate qualified consultants and resellers that are focused on supporting the product or solution.
- Organize and create the appropriate follow up and supporting marketing materials.
- Design and implement an effective sales plan in order to generate prospective clients for the resellers.
- Utilize effective reporting and CRM tools throughout the reseller acquisition program.

Step 5

teleCAT will design and implement a measurement and reporting sales program. This will be tracking and measurement process that:

- Tracks the progress of each reseller prospect through the pipeline.
- Measures the success of the campaign in terms of number of people contacted, number of prospects generated,
   number of prospects identified, and dollar amount of sales generated.
- Measures the success and closing ratio of each reseller using qualified prospects.
- Create a preferred list of resellers based on sales closing ratios. The highest rated resellers receive priority when
  distributing sales prospects.



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