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teleCAT provides marketing services that specializes in corporate strategic branding. We get to know how you think, how your customers think, and what your competitors think about you, you’re space and how they think you think. With these concepts in mind, we establish a set of principles and elements for your new brand. Whether you need a new name, new logo, new corporate identity, new marketing collaterals, or want to extend your brand online, teleCAT will capture your brand’s essence and translate it across all channels – consistently, powerfully, and positively.

Corporate Identity

If you're unveiling a new product, repositioning yourself in the marketplace or breaking into a new market category. teleCAT specializes in developing corporate identity’s that connect with people and endure over time. By working together, we’ll build your corporate identity on the strength of real perceptions and clear objectives.


Step 1

Using proven principles, we'll establish the three elements of a solid foundation:

Stakeholder assessment - discovering how you think and your internal perceptions to help clarify and resolve your brand identity.

Visual / brand assessment - discovering how your customers think by conducting a thorough analysis of your marketing materials and customer experience.

Competitive assessment - discovering how your competitors think by finding where your brand is positioned relative to the competition.

Step 2

With a thorough understanding of what your brand is, we can help it become what you want it to be. Your comprehensive brand assessment will include:

1. Summarizing your strengths, awareness levels, associations and satisfaction drivers.
2. Reconciling your identity and image.
3. Assessing your competitive positioning.
4. Identifying your value proposition.

Step 3

After completing the foundation and structure, we start to create the elements that will communicate your brand’s strengths and desires.

Corporate Identity Package includes the following:

1. Logo
2. Strategic Messaging
3. Letterheads
4. Business Cards

Marketing Collaterals

teleCAT can provide your audiences with visually exciting and engaging marketing pieces. Developing powerful brand communications goes beyond creativity. It takes understanding, collaboration, and strategic thinking, too. teleCAT creates visually engaging marketing pieces that generates powerful and long-lasting results.

1. Brochures
2. Websites
3. Interactive Product / Service Demos
4. Sales Guides
5. Emails / Supporting Documents
6. Power Point Presentations



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